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About Cruceño Calendar

I’m certain that you’ve heard all these before…

  • “Why don’t people in this town just coordinate their events?”
  • “There is so much happening, and it’s all important – and these things always happen all at the same time!
  • Why don’t the groups in town ever communicate?”

For all those reasons and more, Naoma Staley LLC, has developed Cruceño Calendar!

Las Cruces Food Truck

Here, you have access to a wealth of information about activities, meetings, and connections. We don’t want you to keep missing out on the amazing things happening in community!

It is our hope that this website, launched on the day of the 2019 Harvest Moon, will provide you the kinds of connections and information youl need to thrive in your community! You’ll find the different drop-downs include information about different types of activities – from civic engagement, to arts and bicycling events.

More About Naoma Staley LLC:

For over ten years, Naoma STaley has served the community Doña Ana County. They’ve served as a transportation planner, graduate assistant, community planner, board member for nonprofits, business administrator for a local nonprofit, and as a graphic designer and and startup entrepreneur. In each role, Naoma’s heard people complain. A lot! And over time began to recognize that “complaints” often lead the way to dreams and longing for ourselves, our families, and our community.

Naoma STaley, LLC, envisions a future free of isolation and poverty. And believes we’ll get there by finding and meeting the needs of the community. To learn more about Naoma STaley, visit their website at

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